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bradleycolin - the big Bradley&Colin LJ Community

Caution - weirdos ahead!

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bradleycolin: Welcome!

Welcome to bradleycolin , the big fan community dedicated to fantastic and talented actors Bradley James, and Colin Morgan who play Arthur Pendragon and Merlin in the BBC primetime drama series Merlin.

No matter if you love them individually or more so, when team!weirdo's together, this community is for you. We aim to provide fans with the latest news, interviews, and photos concerning the boys.

Mods & Affiliates

If you have any questions, comments or concerns and need to get in touch with a member of our moderating team quickly, you can do so via our Page-A-Mod service (all posts are screened), or by contacting the mods directly (via PM).

Your dedicated mods are:


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Fansite Spotlight!
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Bradley James Fan
Bradley James [dot] Net
Colin Morgan Online
BBC Merlin Official
Merlin's Keep Site

Community Rules

#01 General
This community is focused on the actors Bradley James and Colin Morgan, currently playing Prince Arthur and Merlin in the BBC series Merlin. We welcome any fanwork[*] (icons, wallpapers, headers, videos, picspams etc.), fan pics & reports from events/set visits, discussions and news as long as it's focused at least on either Bradley or Colin, NOT Arthur or Merlin!

[*] Exception: Please understand that from now on we won't accept any 'Merlin!only' fanart posts, i.e. icon batches with only Arthur and/or Merlin icons. As many fanart posts are x-posted to several Merlin focused communities these days, we at bradleycolin would like to see fanart posts that focus on Bradley and/or Colin and other roles they play(ed) only. If your fanart post includes at least one Bradley and/or Colin icon/wallpaper/etc. you're welcome to post it here.

Please make sure that you don't link to a protected entry!

bradleycolin is a slash friendly community; RPF & RPS fics are welcome, as long as they're clearly labeled as fiction and at least either Bradley or Colin are in it.

Please note that any discussions/speculations [i.e. made-up gossip] about the personal life, family, partners or sexual orientation of Bradley and/or Colin are NOT welcome here. Any entry with such a topic will be deleted. (Personal) Information the boys give away in interviews or the video diaries are o.k. to discuss, as long as these topics are discussed in a respectful way.

Furthermore, please be aware that promotion of private photos of the cast (or fanworks made out of these materials) is not allowed in the community.

#02 Headlines & Tags
When you post an entry to this community, two things are absolutely necessary:
1/ a headline - please let others know what your post is about in the headline (f.e. Bradley icons or Bradley/Colin wallpaper)
2/ tag(s): we provide a list of tags and ask you to tag every entry properly. If you're unsure how to tag your entry, please contact a mod via the page-a-mod entry before you post. You also have the opportunity to add tags after you posted your entry via the tag button. If you think a new tag is needed for your entry, please get in touch with the mods.

#03 LJ-Cut
You're welcome to post as many icons, graphics, pics or vids as you like. If you're posting more than one photo [max. width above the cut 500px], one YT video or three icons, please put the rest behind an LJ cut. Fanfic must also go beneath a cut with header information (title, rating, disclaimer, etc) on the outside.
LJ-cut goes as follows via the HTML editor: [*lj-cut text="link goes here..."]{pictures/longer text/fic}[*/lj-cut]. (Just remove the stars and replace the [] with <> for a successful cut.)

#04 Adults Content & Fanfiction
Adults only/Not Work Safe (NSFW) text and images must be put behind an lj-cut and clearly labeled with an appropriate warning/rating above the cut. If you see a post that is incorrectly labeled/marked, please get in touch with the mods before flagging - it's easier for us to solve the problem than to wait until LJ receives however many complaints and acts on it.
Important: All fanfiction and material rated over PG-13 must be f-locked!

Please use the following template (or a variation thereof) for fanfiction and art:
Author's Note:

#05 Spoilers
Any spoilers must be put behind an lj-cut with a clear warning above the cut. Currently assume anything up until the end of series 1 is fine to post uncut. News about future developments and upcoming episodes must be put behind a cut.

#06 Sources
Please always credit the source of any information with a link to the original post/content. For example, when you post a video you found on youtube, please also provide a direct link to the YT site and credit the video artists name etc.

#07 Topics
We're more than happy when a discussion starts, but please make sure that people understand what the discussion's about. Please do NOT post just a random vid you found on youtube or a pic you found on deviant art and expect people to talk about it. For example share your thoughts about the information/video you post and ask other members for their opinion. Please make sure that any spoiler/speculation questions are placed behind a cut.

#08 Downloading Policy
Since the rather memorable moment of Bradley and Colin goofing around on set singing to John Farnham's “You’re the Voice” a download policy is now in place on the community. All posts containing/linking to downloads must be locked at all times. This includes all audio/videos of interviews, Behind the Magic, etc. As official footage start appearing, the mods feel it's better to be safe than sorry. If you have posted any download material in the past, please do go back and lock them down.

#09 Have fun
bradleycolin is a place for all weirdos who love the boys to bits and pieces and we're all here to have a good time.
Therefore please NO BASHING - not of characters, actors, fellow fans, family members or partners of the actors, likes or dislikes of other members, just NO BASHING AT ALL!